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   July 2019   
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Your Judea Journal June Issue is HERE!


     Download and read the June Journal today!

     There is a growing number of announcements in the sidebar this week.  That and more is included in this month's Judea Journal newsletter.  Be sure to download today and read.  Of special interest to me is the survey you will find on page 4.  That page is intended to be cut and mailed, however, there is an online form so you can fill out that survey now.  It is another oppportunity - if you missed the chance earlier in May - to let us know what, if anything is important to you in this monthly publication and if you would be ok with a change to every other month publication.  Your response really is appreciated... even if you tell us you don't read at all - though we sure do hope that is not the case!

    The CHURCH PROM is coming up next weekend already!  If you have not gotten your "date" and tickets lined up yet, please be sure to do that this weekend!!  Get your details in the announcement to the right, in the Judea Journal, or in the announcement on our home page.

      We are striving to meet the rather ambitious bar that we set for food donations last year and we have only one month left to meet the 2,000# goal.  Please make it a point for the month of June to bring several canned goods each week to deposit into our shopping cart.  I know we can do it - or at least come darn close in trying.  We are currently just shy of 1500#!  That is nothing to sneeze at but truthfully, it goes very quickly to social service qualified recipients.

     We hope that you make some time this weekend to reflect on the meaning of this holiday amidst your parties, picnics or household chores.  A perfect way to do that is to share worship at 10 this Sunday here in the Meeting House.  We'd love to have you join us!

   May the rest of your week be filled with peace and joy!

Karen Esslinger
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