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Worship Services: Weddings
Rev. Robyn Gray, PhD


Congratulations on your decision to be married!  Our congregation wishes you the best and wants to help you get off to a good start in your new commitment.


Marriage is a gift of God.  It is a covenanted commitment that has its foundation in the faithfulness of God’s love.  It is the sacred and lifelong union of two people, who give themselves to each other in love and trust. Marriage is given that together, they may enrich and encourage each other in every part of their life together. The goal of marriage is lifelong companionship, comfort, and joy between two loving partners; and the security of family and home for children brought into the marriage. A Christian wedding, or marriage ceremony, is a service of worship offered to God.   


At First Congregational Church, weddings, like all other worship services, are the responsibility of the Pastor of the church.   Family members and friends of the couple to be married may be involved in various ways in the ceremony, at the discretion of the Pastor.  The length and components of the ceremony are flexible. Our Pastor works with couples to be married to design a ceremony that honors their personalities and relationship as well as honoring our Source of Being.


The church requires that the couple to be married participate in pre-nuptial preparation, using the Life Innovations “Prepare/Enrich” program.  Ordinarily this involves filling out a questionnaire on line, and meeting with the Pastor about four times for feedback and discussion.  If the couple to be married is currently living far away from Washington, CT, and cannot meet multiple times with the Pastor before the wedding, an alternate facilitator may be chosen from the on-line directory of Prepare/Enrich facilitators.


There is on-street parking available near the Meeting House, as well as parking lots behind the Post Office and Woodruff House across Kirby Road from the Meeting House.  Parking is also available in the Gunn Library lot after 3:00 on Saturdays (and all day Sundays).  However, parking can be an issue in our area so wedding scheduling must take into consideration any activities scheduled by our neighbors.  See our facility use guidelines for more details about parking.  Depending on the size of the wedding and the day and time of the wedding; the couple to be married may be required to hire constables to help with parking.


The church’s regular organist is responsible for providing organ music for the wedding—if that is desired—and for finding a replacement if he is unavailable.  The participation of soloists and other musicians is welcome and should be discussed with the Pastor.                                                                    

  Members           Friends Residents*
(including Gunnery)      
Fee Schedule
Meeting House N/C $500 $750 $1,000
Parish House N/C $400 $500 $600
Green N/C N/C $100 $300
Pastor $300 $350 $400 $500
Pastor (Counseling only) $200 $200 $200 $200
Organist $250 $250 $250 $300
Sexton (per building) $100 $100 $100 $150











Please complete a facilities use form once initial arragements have been made with the pastor.  The form and guidelines for use of our facilities can be found on our Resources page, along with documents that show the seating layout of the main floor and balcony.

The wedding date will be reserved when the office receives a non-refundable deposit of $100.  The balance of the fees are due by the wedding rehearsal date.  Payment should be made to The First Congregational Church, PO Box 1285, Washington, CT 06793.

* If another minister leads the service, the fees are somewhat higher.  Contact us for price.

Members” refers to those participating regularly in worship and the life of the church and making an annual pledge of financial support.

Friends” refers to a non-member, confirmed by the Treasurer, to be supporting the church financially in some way.

Residents” live or work in town or own a home in Washington.

Others” are those with none of the above qualifications.


Download this information in PDF.

Additional resource:  Building a Strong Marriage Workbook

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