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   July 2019   
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September is Here! and so is the Judea Journal and Blessing of the Tools!

Greetings Friends,

The September issue of the Judea Journal - our monthly newsletter - is now available by clicking HERE.  Past issues can be found in our archive

What tool is iconic to your line of work?  Is it something specific, like a hammer?  Or shovel?  Or maybe a computer or date book (does that date ME?) or cell phone?  Well, whatever it is, bring it along to be blessed this Sunday at the annual outdoor service at the pavilion behind the Washington Primary School.  The service is at 10:30 am.  If you find yourself automatically driving to the Meeting House for 10, you'll discover a note on the door that directs you to the pavilion. And you won't be late!!

There are a lot of special activities and events coming up beginning in September so be sure to read the Judea Journal for all the upcoming activities, inspirational stuff, and even things to look forward to in September!  (Hint... don't forget the water!!)

Basking in blessings every day,

Karen Esslinger

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