The 4 Components of NVC
  • Observations
  • Feelings
  • Needs
  • Requests

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Faith Practices

The faith practices incuded in this resource section of the First Congregational Church of Washington's website derive from the United Church of Christ (UCC)'s Faith Practices curriculum.  They are intended for individual, family, or small group use and can be modified accordingly.  They are SIMPLE and intended to be practical exercises that you can include in your personal spiritual practice.  You don't already have a practice?  Now is a great time to start.  Now is the only time you have.

The Faith Practices are divided into various topics and use of a variety are recommended.  In our church, we rotate the curriculum, coordinating adult, youth and worship topics to complement each other for a period of about a month at a time.  This content will grow as we work through the months.  As space permits, they are also included in the weekly worship bulletin.

Blessing and Letting Go

Encountering Scripture

Experiencing Beauty


Inner Peace

Keeping the Sabbath


Playing and Living Joyfully

Praying and Making Ritual


Testimony and Witness


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