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Helping the Uninsured to find Health Insurance

     AccessHealthCT has selected our church as one of 300 nonprofit organizations in the state of Connecticut to have a member of our church as a candidate to participate in the training and certification process for the Assister program.  Peter Armstrong is participating in the training for the Assister program and he will need to pass a Certification exam in September, 2013.  Upon certification our church will receive a grant award of $6000 to support their community outreach initiatives.  In addition to that Peter will be assisting people during the process of enrolling in a health insurance program.  The Assister program is a federally-funded grant program established through the Affordable Care Act.

     AccessHealthCT has set up a health insurance marketplace for over 300,000 people in Connecticut who do not have health insurance.  Their Health Insurance options will include Medicaid, Husky and qualified private insurance.  The insurance available to the Medicaid population will be expanded to include people with incomes up to 133 per cent of the Federal Poverty Level  (FPL) (a family of four with an income level below $31,322).  People with incomes between 133 per cent and 400 per cent of the FPL will have the option of selecting their insurance from a number of qualified private health insurers.  They will be eligible to receive subsidies, tax credits or cost sharing arrangements to lower their costs for health care. People can enroll in the insurance program between October 1, 2013 and March 30, 2014. The insurance takes effect on January 1, 2014.

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